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Not All Dragons Breathe Fire by Naomi Lastrucci

The dragon didn't want to kidnap the princess. But she begged him to take her away.

Despite his best efforts, Fintan has never been an ordinary dragon. Breathing fire, battling knights, and kidnapping humans just aren't his strengths.

But when he crosses paths with a princess one day, he's surprised when she begs him to kidnap her.

Now Fintan finally has a chance to prove himself a real dragon, but he'll soon find that being a real dragon may not be everything he always wanted...


Meet the Author

Naomi Lastrucci is a fantasy author whose stories feature dragons and other mythical creatures as main characters. Her first book, The Silver Queen and Other Dragon Tales, is a collection of fantasy short stories starring dragons as the heroes.

A battle between a dragon and a knight… from the dragon’s perspective.
 A boy who must negotiate his way out of being eaten.
 And a young outcast drake desperately searching for a way to fit in. These are the tales that await you in the pages of The Silver Queen, a collection of three short stories about dragons!
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